The Outlook for Digital Advertising Talent [Infographic]

October 12, 2016 Allison Kent-Smith

Marketing agencies are becoming increasingly reliant on digital skills, but the pool for digital marketing talent might not be growing fast enough to meet the demand.

The State of Advertising Talent Report -- a comprehensive assessment of surveys from thousands of agency employees compiled by smith & beta, a talent development company -- found that agency talent is not currently skilled enough to meet the needs of clients. Subscribe to HubSpot's Agency newsletter today.

Many agency employees are not confident in some of the industry’s most critical digital skills, such as social media, mobile, and data analytics.

To stay relevant when social media and mobile are considered standard services central to business growth and opportunity, agencies must address the significant digital skill gaps of their employees.

Since formal learning is infrequent at agencies, intentional talent development is more important now than ever before. The skills necessary for employee and agency success are changing, so the methods of employee education must change too.

What are the specific talent shortcomings? How prevalent are they? To learn more about the state of the industry, check out the infographic below, or see the full report here.



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