HubSpot Goes #DeskFree, Pioneering the Next Frontier of Workspace Collaboration

April 1, 2015


Workplace collaboration has become a hot topic in the software and tech space. Companies all around the world are experimenting with the ideal office setup to strengthen culture and improve workplace productivity. 

HubSpot has always been committed to building a collaborative environment that helps our employees do their best work. Today, we're proud to unveil our latest development: the desk-free office.

Just like our company sought to level the marketing and sales playing field for businesses through inbound, we wanted to literally level the workplace environment by removing all the desks in our four offices across the globe. Now, all meeting room chairs have been replaced by soft, plush carpet squares intended to increase creativity through gluteal comfort.

Since we've made the switch, the results have been incredible -- not only have we doubled workplace collaboration, but we've also sliced our furniture budget by 98%.

And our company is happier than ever. "Removing the desks from the office has been the smartest decision we've made for our company's culture," said HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan. "Circle time is my favorite part of my day."

If you'd like to get an inside look at our new office space and learn more about why we made the switch, watch the video below. You can also use #deskfree to join the conversation about the desk-free movement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Want to join our company in the desk-free revolution? We're hiring


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