How to Find Time to Meditate at Work [Infographic]

June 10, 2016 Lindsay Kolowich


Everyone gets stressed at work at one time or another.

And hey, sometimes, that can be a good thing. When you're under some pressure and your brain's working hard, it can make you more efficient and productive in the end -- and you may even find more satisfaction with your work when it is done.

But whether the stress you're feeling is in healthy doses or not, there are ways to make it more manageable. It turns out that 42% of Americans say they aren’t doing enough to manage their stress.

One great way to relieve stress without having to take much time out of your day? Meditation.

Don’t worry: Successful meditation does not mean you have to sit cross-legged in silence for hours on end. Incorporating just 15 minutes of concentrated meditation a day into your workday can do wonders to reduce your stress levels.

Check out the infographic below from CashNetUSA to learn the benefits of meditation, along with how to do it -- from calming your mind, mind exercises, what to do with your body, and other tips for being mindful throughout the rest of your day. No matter how busy you are, making time for meditation can have a positive impact on productivity and happiness. 


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