63 Stats & Tips to Help You Become a Better Twitter User [Infographic]

November 10, 2016 Lindsay Kolowich


Although Twitter's growth rate has slowed down over the past year, it's still one of the most popular --- and powerful -- social media networks around. It has 313 million active users, 79% of accounts outside of the United States.

With reach like that, businesses around the world are smart to continue using and innovating on Twitter -- and adapting to the way people use it. Nowadays, 82% of active Twitter users log on using the mobile app rather than logging on via desktop. Just under 63% of U.S. Twitter users get their news on Twitter. And, impressively, Twitter's paid ad engagement grew 208% from 2015 to 2016.

How else are people using Twitter nowadays? How are businesses using Twitter? How does the network impact people's purchasing decisions, and how do promoted tweets boost offline sales? And does it change how connected people feel to a brand?

For answers to these questions and more, check out the infographic below from WebpageFX. It includes some great research and insights into user behavior and how Twitter affects businesses. Keep scrolling, and you'll find some great, practical tips on the best times to tweet, what to tweet, and how to optimize your Twitter profile. (And for more ideas on how and what to tweet -- including 12 tweet templates to get you started -- check out this post.)


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